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September 26, 2004 Important Notice!
As can be expected, I let my website fall by the side while I went on to do more and cooler things. As such I'm now making an effort to sync my projects with my website again. My new website is at the root of this site: -- I'll try to keep it updated a bit better, but no promises :)

November 13, 2003
Well, all good things in the pipeline... I'm involved in various commercial projects from time to time now, so it means less time for other stuff. Note that I'm still working on stuff, and stuff will be released one of those days, but today isn't one of them. Tomorrow isn't looking good either. Anyway, I'm also in the process of redesigning the root page of my site, to something more friendly that may eventually even replace this site! Anyhow. Too much to do and too little time to do it in, I'll post more here when more happens, but that may take a while :)

September 15, 2003
Well, I've been working the past 2 days straight on compo entries, and unfortunately a number of events came together to prevent them from being complete. I'm sad to announce that the game and demo I'm working on will not be shown at the compo. However, all hope is not lost. They will be released, just at a later date. I'm sure I'm just unlucky, but the combination of events has just made it impossible to refine the entries as much as I'd like.

August 10, 2003
I'm continuing to develop for the compo - I've now learned how to make my own .lib files, and I've redesigned my 3d engine to sit in a library, so I can include it easily in other projects. I've also come up with a name for it, it will be called "Radiant3D GBA". If you or your company is interested in licensing the engine for any reason please contact me, presently I beleive it has the fastest bitmap mode flatshaded triangle and gouraud shaded triangle renderers, along with a fast transform. The engine is by no means complete, and I have yet to add texturemapping, environment mapping, depth sorting, and a host of other features, as well as optimizations. Sometime in the near future I will have some impressive demos to show off it's speed and capability, and I will also be more clear on terms of licensing, and exactly what features are available. If you would like to use the engine for noncommercial purposes, please let me know, I may be able to work something out :)
Check back soon! ( email me )

August 8, 2003
Well, I'll be going back to school soon... I'm continuing to work on my compo entries, and you really should watch the screenshots page! I'm updating it almost every day with new cool stuff :)

July 20, 2003
Long time since last update, again.. Ok source hasn't come 'soon' ... I'll add it now before I forget, as well as the gbahearts source :) Right now I'm really busy, working on 2 competition entries for the compo... (both a demo and a game). Prepare to be blown away :) anyway, I'm also in the final stages of writing a demo for something that hopefully will turn into a commercial game. I'll try to get some screenshots of the upcoming entries as they develop, but I don't want to give anything away :P Keep watching :)

March 30, 2003
Long time since last update - Now I've released another game called 'Gameland' It's available in the gba section. It is the work of 3 days, and is the first rpg I've written. Sadly it's not finished as much as I'd like, but I'll probably continue working on it given time. Keep watching, source will be coming soon :)

January 9, 2003
Just last night I added Sweep- the windows function generator. You can get it in the PC section!

December 4, 2002
Again, more updates, I'm ready to go public with this website now! I hope you find something amusing or mildly useful, as that's what this site is all about :) Have fun!

November 16, 2002
More major updates, it's about time! I got my new web space up, so I no longer have to use web space on my friend's server :) Many additions to the sections, and changes to make things more complete, etc.. Take a look around, I hope you like what you see :D There is still LOTS MORE to come, even though I've added tons to the PC section!

October 13, 2002
Again, a minor update. The website is still somewhat messed up but the GBA portion has a considerable amount done. So I decide to release it and upload it to my webspace :) of course I'll post a link or something to gbadev/devrs when I get it really done but until then I'll be working on it.

October 13, 2002
Wahooooo I have a web site up again, something I can almost be proud of... Always I will be adding stuff, but now I have a base to add to :)
I must send some thanks to a good friend of mine, Daniel Allen, for letting me use some of his webspace! I hope this website will be a good resource for all of you out there, Have fun looking through it.
As of now, I estimate this website is .001% complete. I'll be adding all kinds of stuff over the next few weeks and months. If there are problems, broken links, etc, please contact me (details on contact page :)

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