Upcoming GBADEV Compo entries...

I'll add more information about the 2 entries I'm working on as I can.
Please note that ALL of these are screenshots taken by vboy advance, there are no mockup-style images representing things that *might* work, or have yet to be implemented.
Aug 03, 2003, reorganized pictures by order the effects were created...
Aug 05, 2003, added subtitles and revealed the identities of my crews :)

GBADEV Compo Game entry:

Number of people working on it: 2
People working on it:
  • Code: Stephen Stair (sgstair) (web)
  • Graphics: Karl Andersson (web)

  • Type: 2d platformer
    Name: ?

    Hmm, I wonder what this is going to be?

    Progress being made...

    GBADEV Compo Demo Entry:

    Number of people working on it: 4 (maybe more to come)
    People working on it:
  • Stephen / Nuance (code)
  • Ravity / Solar (code, music)
  • Coat / Solar (gfx)
  • Raven / Nuance (gfx)

  • Length: ?
    Effects: at least 10
    Name: ?

    (code: Stephen)
    Watch the demo when it comes out and get a 2x multiplier :) I might even throw in some phong shading....

    (code: Stephen, gfx: Stephen)
    Hmmmm, this looks like fun...

    (code: Stephen)
    Well vboy is biased enough to think this effect only takes 20% cputime, but on the real gba it's closer to 60%

    (code: Stephen, gfx: Coat)
    Yes, this is a realtime 3d engine, if you must know, it's drawing an object with >750 triangles and 480 points... and it's doing it at 30fps :) Lighting and depth sorting are not done yet, the colors are assigned based on point number.

    (code: Stephen, gfx: Coat)
    Did some minor optimizing to the transform, and added duplicate point removal to the converter. It's now transforming only 390 points instead of 480, so I have a bit more cputime to play with. Also implemented basic depth shading, and I almost have capability ready to do proper dot-product lighting. Still don't have depth sorting but that will come...

    (code: Ravity)
    At last, an effect written by another member of the team :) This one will likely be updated, to do other cool things - another screenshot will be up in the near future.....

    (code: Stephen, gfx: Coat)
    More fun stuff! - the gba engine is getting faster, has gouraud shading, proper lighting... no depth sorting yet.... More to come :)