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Gameboy Advance Development
PC Development
PC Development
Electronics Development

Gameboy Advance Development Possibly the best Gameboy Advance development site on the web! Gameboy Advance Dev'rs - another large development resource Darkfader's site is a useful resource for Gameboy Advance, and other consoles!
CowBite Spec This is a very nice reference to the GBA hardware
nocash GBATek My very favorite GBA hardware reference, organized in an easy-to-access format :)

PC Development Lots of useful code for all kinds of things OpenGL information and tutorials
MSDN Library The reference for anything microsoft, and oh so more!

Game Development - Unrestrained game development Hamumu Software, your one-stop outlet for dumb games for your Windows PC.

Electronics Development Dev'rs has information on electronics too :)

Other My main website

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