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This section will be updated more in the future, but for now:

My name is Stephen Stair, I'm a computer freak and a Computer Engineering student at Kansas State University
I absolutely love writing programs, and also like electronics a lot :) I started programming at an early age, I knew basic quite well by the age of 8. I was a basic freak for a long time, then decided to learn other languages. I tried PC assembly for a while, not getting much of anywhere, until I spent a summer with the Z80 in the Gameboy Color. After learning Z80 Assembly, I went back to PC assembly and learned it well. After some time of writing programs purely in assembly (which takes FOREVER), I took a c++ course as one of my first classes in college at Emporia State University (which is where I spent my first year at college) The c++ course was far too easy, as I already knew how C worked, but it did one thing for me, it made me use the language :) and now I'm hooked, I can't get away from C :D
Sometime early 2001 if I remember right, I started getting involved with Gameboy Advance programming. It's really a great platform, and has everything the true hardware nerd loves :) with the advance of Devkit Advance it's now much easier to write programs for Gameboy Advance than it was in the old days, where you either had to get the few freeware utilities, or work with the ARM SDT trial (or crack it, heh heh)
Anyhow now I do my Gameboy Advance programming almost exclusively in C, using DevkitAdvance, and dropping to assembler for time intensive stuff.
I consider myself to know well more than 20 programming languages, though many I don't use anymore. Among those are Assembly language for Z80, ARM, and x86, C/C++, PERL, Basic, and the list goes on...
My main purpose in being online is to learn, and second to that, to help other people learn :) If you want to contact me, a lot of information is on the contact page.
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