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December 17, 2005: DSTunnel subsite now linked on main page

You can quit guessing now :)
DSTunnel Main Page

November 2, 2005: New subsite...

Well, I added a new section to my site. I'm not linking it though, see if you can figure out where it is ;)
try... www.akkit.org/ Something you play with Something you drive through
(Firefox users are screwed, for some reason the first image doesn't display properly.)
(I'm really making this too easy though, so not like it matters)

October 25, 2005: Firmware viewer

Well, someone asked in #dsdev about a program to see the DS's MAC address, I had some code lying around to show data on the DS so I've made a quick firmware viewer for the DS.
You may download it here (firmware_xplorer.nds - 26k)
(Man, I skipped all of September... oh well :)

August 29, 2005: Nintendog!

Well, yes, I started playing Nintendogs.. That was a mistake :)
Don't worry though, I'll have wifi done soon- It's really close this time ;)

August 26, 2005: Nintendog?

Not quite, but amusing nonetheless. Obviously I have nothing better to do with my time ;) [Yes, this is a table clamp.]

August 6, 2005: The prison...

This pile of equipment will be my prison for the next few days as I work towards finishing wifi and completing the other projects required of me.

August 4, 2005: DS Wifi...

I've been lazy getting the ball rolling on this, but I'm now going to be working on DS Wireless hacking again, full steam... Some pics of previously unreleased material follow (*ooh*) (*aah*)

[An early version of the Wifi register test/manipulation program I wrote.]

August 4, 2005: GDC 72h compo

I was involved in the GDC 72hour competition. Unfortunately we (Team Q) didn't get our entry done for the competition, for a number of reasons. However, we will be continuing it later, because it's an awesome game idea (but, I won't say more about it now, you'll just have to wait to see how awesome it is ;)

[Some design mockups of the ingame and pause menu.. The game doesn't look exactly like this, and the pause menu will look vastly different, but they look cool for the time being.]